We at Power Real Estate Marketing are proud to offer Realors and Real Estate Brokers over four thousand of Real Estate Postcards, Notepads, Door Hangers, Newsletters, Magnet and many other real estate marketing products.
Power Real Estate Marketing has the Largest Collection of Real Estate Farming Material that You Can Find Anywhere.
Power Real Estate Marketing has the Largest Collection of Real Estate Farming Material that You Can Find Anywhere.
Power Real Estate Marketing - Your Source for Real Estate Newsletters, Real Estate Postcards, Real Estate Magnets, Real Estate Notepads and other Real Estate Farming tools.
Power Real Estate Marketing has the Largest Collection of Real Estate Farming Products that You Can Find Anywhere.
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Power Real Estate Marketing - Your Source for Real Estate Newsletters, Real Estate Postcards, Real Estate Magnets, Real Estate Notepads and other Real Estate Farming tools. Power Real Estate Marketing - Your Source for Real Estate Newsletters, Real Estate Postcards, Real Estate Magnets, Real Estate Notepads and other Real Estate Farming tools.
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Business Hours

Regular business hours start from 9:00am and ends at 5:00pm (Pacific Standard Time) every Monday to Friday except Holidays. Any orders made or approved after 9am PST, during operational hours, may start the following business day.

Project Start

Orders will not be processed without valid payment paid in full. All work begins as soon as payment is made.

Artworks, Photos and Logos

Power Real Estate Marketing is not responsible for any uploaded artwork that may violate copyright laws. Customers are expected to upload artworks that belong to them. Also Power Real Estate Marketing is not responsible for the quality of any uploaded artwork including customer's photos and logos. The higher the quality and resolution of the uploaded artworks and images, the better the quality of your finished product will be. We recommend uploading images and photos with a resolution of 300 DPI or higher. Power Real Estate Marketing is not responsible for poor quality of the uploaded or provided photos and other artworks.

Full Custom

Power Real Estate Marketing provides thousands of predesigned marketing materials but we also offer Full Custom design services for customers who have a unique need. For Full Custom works, customer is expected to provide all the details of their desired design including photos and artworks that are needed. Our designers will spend up to two hours on creating the custom design and provide the customer with the first proof. If the required custom design needs more than two hours of design work, we keep the right to charge the customer $45 an hour (in incremental of 15 min) for any time spent beyond the initial two hours.

Order Cancelations and Refunds

Customer can cancel the order and get full refund before our designers and other staff have started their work on the order. Once an order has been placed and our staff and designers have started their work, cancellations or refunds no longer apply. Should there be any design issues with the proof, customer has the right to reject the proof and request a new proof (please see 'Proof' section for more details). If there is a printing quality defect in any printed product you have received, customer is expected to send us a picture of the product that clearly shows the defect and we will reprint your order and ship it to you using the original production turnaround and shipping method and will be free of charge.

Campaign Cancelations

Campaigns are orders that span over a longer period of time, usually between 4 and 12 months. Power Real Estate Marketing does not charge you the entire purchase price of the campaign at the time of the order. Instead we charge you on a monthly basis for services provided. When a customer places a campaign order, he or she commits for the entire duration of the campaign and Power Real Estate Marketing commits to honor today's prices and promotions for the entire campaign period. However the customer can cancel a campaign with a 30 day advanced notice and there will be a one-time cancelation fee of $100.


Power Real Estate Marketing shall furnish the customer with a finished design for purposes of verification and approval within 2 business days after the order has been placed (under the presumption that all custom content and artworks have been provided with the order or immediately thereafter). Customers are expected to provide the complete details for all customizations at the time of placing the order or when they receive the first proof to lessen the amount of re-works by our designers. Our ordering system is fully automated and customers have to use our State-of-the-art online ordering system for approving, rejecting and providing feedback.

We are committed to giving our customers the highest quality of marketing products at reasonable prices, with our teams' highest productivity, which requires full cooperations between the customer and Power Real Estate Marketing's teams. If the customer isn't happy with the proof for any reason (layout, text, photos etc), customer is expected to reject the proof and provide detailed information about the issues. These information should be detailed, specific and sufficient enough for our designers to make necessary changes. If providing all the details including your scripts, instructions and artworks in one step is not possible, Power Real Estate Marketing has the right to reject any new request for revisions if the customer attempts to alter the design, content and artwork beyond the second proof. Power Real Estate Marketing may provide multiple proofs but in no conditions is the company responsible for providing more than two proofs. After the second proof has been provided to the customer, the customer has the option of paying $65/hr for our design services if the customer has new requirements or requests changes to the second proof.

Our designers have access to more than 5,000 different fonts but we may not have the font that you require to be used. In such cases, the customer has to provide the font that they want to be used. Also, if the customer wants to use a specific font, the customer must provide the name of that font. Providing a sample is not enough to determine the exact font.

Within 48 hours following notification of the proof, customers are required to evaluate the design and content of any proof they have received and either approve or reject the proof and provide details when rejecting. Customer cannot approve a proof and request a modification at the same time. Our online ordering system is automated and once a proof has been approved, no changes are possible. Before approval, customer assumes all responsibilities for validating the entire content (text and otherwise) of the product(s) and only approve the proof if they are 100% satisfied with everything on the proof regradless of the origin of the images and text. Errors and mistakes discovered after proof-approval and printing due to "customer oversight" are non-refundable because the customer has already given prior approval so no refund would be applicable. Customer is expected to scrutinize the proof with all due diligence to avoid any and all oversights and approve the proof only when they are satisfied with the proof. Power Real Estate Marketing is not required to provide another proof once a proof has been approved.

Order Communications

Power Real Estate Marketing has created an state-of-the-art online ordering system and customers are expected to log on to My Account and initiate their communications from within the site. Customers will receive periodic emails regarding your proofs, shipment and keeping you up-to-date. Please make sure you add @PowerRealEstateMarketing.com to your safe emails. Also don't forget to check your spam folder for important emails about your order. Power Real Estate Marketing assumes no responsibility for filtered/lost emails or emails going into your spam/junk folder.

You can also log on to PowerRealEstateMarketing.com and click on MY ACCOUNT to view the latest about your order.

Order Turnaround

Power Real Estate Marketing adheres to the motto "Get'em in, get'em out!"

Order turnaround depends on several factors: a) Customers are expected to choose appropriate Production Turnaround times as they see fit. b) Production/Print Turnaround timelines start the following business day after the approval of the proof. Turnaround times may vary depending on the product and other factors (i.e. quantity, conditions of delivery, etc.). Production/Print turnaround times are estimates and not guaranteed. Our system will send you an email/text you once your product(s) have been shipped.


Power Real Estate Marketing prints more quantity than ordered. The additional quantity is used by departments such as Quality Control and other departments. In rare occasions, the customers may receive a few more or less than they have ordered. Customers should contact Power Real Estate Marketing if they have received less than what they have ordered. In such a rare occasion, Power Real Estate Marketing will reimburse the customer for the missing items. For example, if the order was for 500 postcards, and the customer has received 495 postcards, we prorate the price for 5 postcards and refund the money back to the customer's credit card.

Mailing Services

Power Real Estate Marketing will use the mailing list as you provided and is not responsible for wrong addresses and/or contact information. Customers are expected to deliver their client list in a specific format outlined in the order pages. We reserve the right to reject the file and ask the customer to revise the file if the format and/or data does not meet the minimum requirements.

Processes for mailing services start the next day after the printing is done and can take about 4 days to complete and delivered to the post office.

Sales Tax

There is no sales tax with the exception of California and Canada. Orders shipped to California and Canada are subject to the most current sales tax rate.


All orders placed on this Website or via phone/email/fax are shipped through UPS, FedEx or USPS. The shipping cost is calculated real-time by using UPS network. We are not responsible for any mis-calculations that may occur at the time of the order entry. We reserve the right to charge the actual shipping cost. We are not responsible for late or lost deliveries on the part of USPS, UPS or FedEx. Our responsibility is to design, print, finish, and deliver the products according to your production turnaround request, our terms and policies and deliver them to the carrier and ship them using your selected shipping method. If requested, we will provide proof that we delivered your products to the U.S. Post Service, UPS and/or FedEx.


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