Power Real Estate Marketing has the Largest Collection of Real Estate Farming Material that You Can Find Anywhere.
Power Real Estate Marketing has the Largest Collection of Real Estate Farming Material that You Can Find Anywhere.
Power Real Estate Marketing - Your Source for Real Estate Newsletters, Real Estate Postcards, Real Estate Magnets, Real Estate Notepads and other Real Estate Farming tools.
Power Real Estate Marketing has the Largest Collection of Real Estate Farming Products that You Can Find Anywhere.
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Power Real Estate Marketing - Your Source for Real Estate Newsletters, Real Estate Postcards, Real Estate Magnets, Real Estate Notepads and other Real Estate Farming tools. Power Real Estate Marketing - Your Source for Real Estate Newsletters, Real Estate Postcards, Real Estate Magnets, Real Estate Notepads and other Real Estate Farming tools.
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Title Date
 15 Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal  12/10/2014 9:54:00 PM
 What Makes a Realtor?  11/30/2014 11:00:19 PM
  The Future Will Not Be Dominated by Tiny Houses  11/30/2014 10:53:14 PM
 Paying Off Your Mortgage Within 10 Years  11/30/2014 10:48:55 PM
  Housing Markets of the Moment  11/27/2014 10:45:10 PM
 The Risk of Zero Down Payment Mortgages  11/27/2014 10:18:27 PM
 2015 FHFA Conforming Loan Limits  11/26/2014 10:46:32 PM
 Rebounding from Bankruptcy or Foreclosure  11/26/2014 10:17:41 PM
 Pending Home Sales Moving in a Different Direction  11/26/2014 9:13:23 PM
 Positive Impact of Immigration Reform on Housing  11/24/2014 10:46:20 PM
 Home Sales to be Subdued by New Challenges  11/24/2014 10:11:19 PM
 October Home Sales Rose by 1.5 Percent  11/24/2014 7:47:24 PM
 What Awaits Veterans Who Plan to Buy a Home?  11/23/2014 10:55:25 PM
 Homebuyers Will Soon Have Better Access to Mortgage  11/23/2014 10:19:31 PM
  How to Get the Lowest Mortgage Refinance Rates  11/20/2014 10:54:47 PM
 Hope Springs Eternal for California's Housing Market  11/19/2014 9:47:15 PM
 How Millennials View Homeownership  11/18/2014 10:10:49 PM
 Freddie Mac Forecasts Game-Changers in 2015  11/17/2014 11:03:52 PM
 Home Values Continue to Surge in the Metros  11/12/2014 10:10:15 PM
 First-Time Homebuying: A Challenge for Millennials  11/11/2014 10:42:40 PM
 Obama Earns Realtors' Support For True Net Neutrality  11/11/2014 10:35:24 PM
 Markets that Scored Well in the Leading Markets Index  11/10/2014 11:09:12 PM
 Local Home Sales Growth Better than National Figures  11/10/2014 11:01:39 PM
 Realtors Tasked with Strengthening Homeownership  11/10/2014 9:19:50 PM
 Consumer Confidence in Housing Rises  11/10/2014 9:18:50 PM
 Housing Institutional Investment Reached a 4-Year Low  11/6/2014 11:08:03 PM
 Top 5 Markets: New Updates  11/6/2014 10:25:28 PM
 Are there Alternatives to FICO?  11/6/2014 9:44:48 PM
 The Not-So-Favorable Implications Behind Falling Home Prices  11/4/2014 10:17:42 PM
 High-Cost Mortgage Lending Disguised As Record-Low Interest Rates  11/3/2014 10:39:49 PM
 Surging Demand for Home Equity Loans  11/2/2014 8:57:57 PM
 Predicting Housing Trends Now Possible with Nowcast  10/30/2014 11:53:12 PM
 Know When to Give Your Yard a Makeover  10/30/2014 11:35:01 PM
 Why Renters Refuse to Own a Home  10/29/2014 11:50:11 PM
 Wealthier Borrowers on a Roll  10/29/2014 11:47:37 PM
 Decoding the New S&P/Case-Shiller HPIs  10/28/2014 11:53:20 PM
 Top Improving Metros According to Freddie Mac  10/28/2014 11:48:06 PM
 Home Prices Remained Flat  10/27/2014 11:41:07 PM
 September Saw Slight Increases in Pending Homes  10/27/2014 10:26:03 PM
 Mortgage Rates Hit Record Low Since May 2013  10/23/2014 11:44:08 PM
 Positive Trend in Mortgage Applications  10/23/2014 11:14:08 PM
 Recipe for Housing Recovery  10/22/2014 11:48:59 PM
 Not So Good News for California Real Estate  10/22/2014 11:24:29 PM
 Housing Policy Changes to Watch Out For  10/22/2014 12:21:00 AM
 Existing Home Sales Reached Highest Annual Pace in September  10/21/2014 11:28:25 PM
 Four Overvalued Housing Markets  10/20/2014 11:52:34 PM
 Fannie Mae to Purchase Loan-to-Value Mortgages  10/20/2014 11:50:51 PM
 Mortgage Rates Reaching an All-Time Low since June 2013  10/19/2014 11:50:34 PM
 The American Housing Profile  10/19/2014 11:46:56 PM
 Why the Short Sale Tax Break Should be Extended by Congress  10/16/2014 11:47:49 PM
 Small Lenders to the Rescue  10/15/2014 12:07:03 AM
 Recent Assault of An Agent Raised Security Issues  10/15/2014 12:06:15 AM
 The Science of Real Estate Marketing: A Systematic Recipe for Marketing Success  10/14/2014 1:03:07 AM
 Is Housing Recovery Dragging Its Feet?  8/15/2014 12:38:12 AM
 Housing Returning to New Normal Levels Says Freddie Mac  8/15/2014 12:13:45 AM
 Fannie Mae Survey Reveals Skepticism on Housing  8/10/2014 11:35:42 PM
 Factors That Will Shape Housing in California  8/10/2014 10:53:16 PM
 Smooth Transition From Renter to Homeowner  8/10/2014 9:31:47 PM
 Who says getting a mortgage is difficult?  7/29/2014 11:53:01 PM
 Implications Behind the Zillow-Trulia Connection  7/29/2014 11:49:46 PM
 Rise in Homebuilder Confidence at Odds with Declining Sales  6/16/2014 11:11:05 PM
 Realtors: Median Home Prices May Increase by 4%  6/15/2014 11:39:27 PM
 Why Baby Boomers Are Not Going Anywhere  6/15/2014 11:11:43 PM
 Rosner Encourages Investor Activist Group To Fix GSEs  6/10/2014 11:52:08 PM
 Realtor® Secrets to Mainstream Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts  5/26/2014 11:10:02 PM
 Recovery in Florida Continues: Rising Prices, Listings and Inventory  5/25/2014 10:38:16 PM
 Borrower Credit Has Regained Its Health  5/22/2014 11:28:05 PM
 The Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative: Setting Things Right for Communities Greatly Affected by Foreclosures  5/21/2014 11:42:48 PM
 What You Need to Know About this Year's Interest Rates  5/20/2014 11:46:13 PM
 Indicators of a Positive Housing Trend  5/19/2014 11:05:25 PM
 Can Rentals be Financed through Crowdfunding?  5/18/2014 10:31:15 PM
 Warren: Big Banks Trick People  5/15/2014 10:42:20 PM
 Institutional Investors Back Off While Cash House Sales Move Up  5/14/2014 11:46:14 PM
 Housing Markets: The Best and Worst Performing  5/13/2014 11:00:37 PM
  Fragile Recovery: Why Housing Remains An Important Issue  5/12/2014 10:25:58 PM
 Debt-Ridden Older Americans Continue to Surge  5/11/2014 11:23:00 PM
 Why Homebuyers Return to the Market  5/8/2014 11:09:25 PM
  Americans Renew their Faith in the Housing Market  5/7/2014 11:50:29 PM
 Is the Texas Housing Market Moving at a Snail's Pace?  5/6/2014 11:27:37 PM
 How Ready Are you for the Spring Buying Season?  5/6/2014 12:18:56 AM
 What Discourages Middle-Class Homebuyers?  5/4/2014 11:38:05 PM
 10 Housing Markets that Exceeded their Conforming Loan Limits  5/1/2014 6:26:52 PM
 Wall Street Predicts a 7% Home Price Increase  4/29/2014 6:40:30 PM
 REO-to-Rental Investors Give Way to Mom-and-Pop Investors  4/28/2014 6:56:34 PM
 Finding the Key to Homeownership  4/27/2014 6:57:20 PM
 Has Housing Recovery Come to a Standstill?  4/24/2014 6:51:10 PM
 What will Influence the Housing Market this 2014?  4/23/2014 6:48:34 PM
 Indicators of State Recovery  4/22/2014 5:23:25 PM
 The Highs and Lows of the Housing Market in 2014  4/21/2014 6:43:24 PM
 Home Sales Gaining Momentum  4/20/2014 5:05:43 PM
 Why 2014 is a Great Year for Housing  4/15/2014 6:06:42 PM
  The Mortgage Market Welcomes Back Private Capital  4/14/2014 7:54:37 PM
 Is Realtor.com Just Another Third-Party Portal?  4/14/2014 6:36:59 PM
 How Technology Has Made Real Estate Brokers Even More Relevant  4/13/2014 6:55:00 PM
 Metros that Survived the Housing Crash  4/10/2014 8:16:16 PM
 Fast-Growing Cities with Low Population Growth  4/10/2014 8:12:53 PM
  A Springtime Drop in Mortgage Rates  4/10/2014 8:07:42 PM
 Rents Spurred by Rising Demand for Apartments  4/9/2014 6:54:38 PM
 The Strange Case of Today's Housing Market  4/7/2014 8:18:41 PM
 Mortgage Costs Could Surge with this Rule  4/3/2014 6:31:59 PM
 Markets that First-Time Homebuyers Should Look Into  4/2/2014 6:53:01 PM
 The Vacation Home Market is Back in Business  4/2/2014 6:19:47 PM
 Interpreting Investor Trends in the Housing Market  4/1/2014 6:56:47 PM
 Barclays' Take on Johnson-Crapo  4/1/2014 6:56:08 PM
 The Importance of Direct-to-Consumer Title Insurance Options  3/31/2014 7:33:36 PM
 Why the Fed isn't Keen on Raising Interest Rates  3/31/2014 7:30:59 PM
 Closing Mortgages Is Getting More Expensive  3/31/2014 12:07:25 AM
 Miami's Real Estate Market is On Fire  2/24/2014 12:00:00 AM
 Is There a Disconnection Between Incomes and Prices?  2/24/2014 12:00:00 AM
 Marketing Your Real Estate and Telling A Great Story  2/24/2014 12:00:00 AM
 What's the Connection between Real Estate 1% and the S&P 500?  2/23/2014 12:00:00 AM
 Housing Markets with the Heaviest and Lightest Tax Burdens  2/22/2014 12:00:00 AM
 How to Get Awesome Ideas for Content Marketing  2/21/2014 12:00:00 AM
 Bad Weather Affects Housing in the US  2/20/2014 12:00:00 AM
 Can Colorado Endure Dropping Foreclosure Auction Sales?  2/19/2014 12:00:00 AM
 What Will Boost Housing this 2014?  2/18/2014 12:00:00 AM
 Investor Home Sales Just A Facade?  2/16/2014 12:00:00 AM
 California Real Estate at the Precipice of Something Big  2/15/2014 12:00:00 AM
 How to Sell Your Home through Instagram  2/13/2014 10:06:11 AM
 Where the Fishes are, There Your Treasures are Also  2/13/2014 10:04:14 AM
 What Are Your Link Building Plans for 2014?  2/13/2014 10:02:27 AM
 More Americans Confident About Getting a Loan  2/13/2014 10:00:33 AM
 Cities Where Single-Family Rentals Grow the Fastest  2/13/2014 9:58:29 AM
 Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Good News to Homebuyers  2/13/2014 9:51:01 AM
 How to Join the Recovery Bandwagon  2/5/2014 12:00:00 AM
 5 Helpful Reminders For Every Real Estate Agent  2/5/2014 12:00:00 AM
 Mortgage Bonds in a Positive Trend  2/4/2014 12:00:00 AM
 December Home Prices Increased by 11%  2/4/2014 12:00:00 AM
 Top Flipping Hot Spots  2/4/2014 12:00:00 AM
 Has the US Housing Market Really Recovered?  2/3/2014 12:00:00 AM
 When do Home Prices Return to Pre-crisis Levels?  2/3/2014 12:00:00 AM
 What Can Cause the Decline of Home Price Gains?  2/2/2014 12:00:00 AM
 Skeptics Question the Million Dollar REO-to-Rental Deal  2/1/2014 12:00:00 AM
 Where Was Housing in the Latest SOTU?  1/29/2014 4:59:56 PM
 Will Home Sales Get Better in 2014?  1/23/2014 6:50:51 PM
 Rekindling the Relationship that Characterized the 2007 Bubble  1/21/2014 5:53:01 PM
 Home Price Stability May Create New Demands  1/20/2014 5:35:42 PM
 The Fed isn't Fooling Anyone  1/19/2014 5:43:38 PM
 Debunking the Housing Bubble Fallacy  1/16/2014 5:33:13 PM
 Why Constant Marketing Works  1/16/2014 5:31:29 PM
 Refinancing Continues to be In-Demand  1/15/2014 5:57:46 PM
 Real Estate Market Remains Optimistic Despite Moderate Economic Growth  1/15/2014 5:57:09 PM
 How Realtors Can Stay Safe While Marketing Real Estate  1/14/2014 5:45:38 PM
 Demand for Non-Government Loans Increase  1/14/2014 5:43:30 PM
 Who Craves for US Real Estate?  1/13/2014 5:47:11 PM
 2014 Forecast for the Housing Market  1/13/2014 5:45:05 PM
 Recovery Delays in the Volatile Phoenix Housing Market  1/12/2014 5:38:58 PM
 How Does the Present Government Administration Assess Its Housing Recovery?  1/12/2014 5:36:45 PM
 Is the Mortgage Industry Prepared for Upcoming Changes?  1/9/2014 6:50:41 PM
 The Effect of Qualified Mortgage on Realtors  1/9/2014 6:48:22 PM
 The Power of Follow-Up: Repetition as an Effective Marketing Strategy  1/8/2014 5:57:20 PM
 A Slight Surge in Mortgage Applications  1/8/2014 5:56:03 PM
 Mortgage Credit More Accessible  1/8/2014 5:55:11 PM
 How Realtors Should Repackage Themselves This 2014  1/7/2014 5:54:11 PM
 Content Creation Tools For Your Real Estate Marketing  1/7/2014 5:52:56 PM
 Phoenix and Denver: Hare and Turtle of the Housing Market  1/6/2014 5:14:41 PM
 Housing Demand On the Rise, Kicks Off In 2014  1/5/2014 5:42:03 PM
 Private, Residential Construction Projects Reaped Billions  1/5/2014 5:05:36 PM
 Thanks to Private Mortgage Insurance, Jumbo Loans Have Returned  1/2/2014 4:37:20 PM
 Western Metros have the Best Performancing Home Valuations  1/2/2014 3:42:18 PM
 Brochures as your Business Boosters  10/31/2013 9:09:36 AM
 Increase Your Prospects through Real Estate Postcard Marketing  9/27/2013 8:34:04 AM
 Brochures: Business Boosters  9/21/2013 12:08:22 PM
 Real Estate Postcards and Why They're Powerful  7/20/2013 4:04:37 PM
 How to Write Good Postcards Marketing Copies  7/20/2013 4:01:09 PM
 Imagery and Words in Real Estate Postcards Marketing  7/18/2013 11:24:07 AM
 Challenges in the Housing Industry and the Eventual Road to Recovery  7/8/2013 2:43:24 PM
 How to Write Good Postcards Marketing Copies  7/4/2013 5:04:45 PM
 Can Real Estate Solve America's Economic Problems?  7/2/2013 7:48:06 PM
 Improving Your Real Estate Marketing Postcards Layout  6/6/2013 12:24:47 PM
 Just Listed Postcards: Choosing Your Demographics Wisely  5/20/2013 3:39:44 PM
 5 Guidelines for a Successful Real Estate Postcards Marketing  5/16/2013 3:19:20 PM
 Real Estate Postcards Marketing: The Right Approach and A Competitive Edge  5/7/2013 3:29:59 PM
 JPMorgan: housing inventory and buyer demand as drivers  5/2/2013 1:12:01 PM
 Mortgage Rates Hit A Record Low  5/2/2013 1:06:03 PM
 Real Estate Postcard Marketing for Prospecting  4/30/2013 11:01:59 PM
 Real Estate Postcards Marketing: Layout  4/29/2013 10:39:46 PM
 Housing Market Recovering at a Moderate Pace – Zillow  4/28/2013 11:08:20 AM
 Pre-housing Bust Levels in Foreclosure Re-experienced  4/28/2013 10:58:38 AM
 Real Estate Improvements in All Districts  4/19/2013 10:01:14 AM
 New Technologies in Real Estate Marketing  4/16/2013 9:24:38 PM
 The Advantages of Real Estate Postcards Marketing  4/8/2013 9:57:03 PM
 Housing Starts On A High Note  3/18/2013 12:28:17 AM
 Rising Home Equity – The Best Time to Sell Your Home  3/12/2013 1:45:22 PM
 Real Estate Agent is the Happiest Profession, Survey Shows  3/2/2013 1:42:28 PM
 How to Write Your Real Estate Marketing Plan  2/22/2013 9:05:34 PM
 Crowdfunding – Now A Real Estate Trend  2/2/2013 1:40:35 PM
 2013 First Quarter Foreclosure Plummet  1/16/2013 12:51:46 PM
 Two Home Loans vs. One Jumbo Mortgage  1/2/2013 1:03:14 PM